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Spartan PHALANX 2008-2010 Ford Powerstroke 6.4L Flash Console Tuner II

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Manufactured by: Spartan Diesel Technology

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Application: 2008-2010 Ford Powerstroke 6.4L


This high performance product is intended SOLELY for closed-course racing use and is not street legal in ANY state. This product cannot be used on any vehicles registered or certified for highway use. Please check your local, state, and federal laws before purchasing!


This product MUST be run with race exhaust! Do not leave the DPF on the vehicle if running this product!

Please note that the following descriptions are generic. Some options may or may not be available based on your vehicle's Make & Model.

Featuring a full line of Spartan custom tuning for the 6.4, the Phalanx Console is the world's most powerful tuner, with the ability to deliver true custom tuning, full-featured electronic gauges and monitoring, data logging, and diagnostics for your Ford 6.4L Diesel pickup.

Spartan tuners now come PRE-LOADED with every DPF Delete tune up to 310HP. No more tune request, simply plug and play into the OBD II port.

Our 6.4 custom tuning is the market's ONLY available true custom tuning for the new Ford Diesel engine, and delivers power and fuel efficiency absolutely unrivaled to any other. With tuning options available from 40RWHP to 310RWHP gains, no other company can match our ability to fit our tuning to your needs- power, economy, throttle response, shift quality...if you can name it, we can deliver.

Along with its tuning ability, the Phalanx offers a full line of parameter monitoring and data logging, serving as a full set of digital AND analog gauges, with the ability to monitor:

Effective immediately: We have just released a new update for the 6.4 tuners. This update will give everyone the 300, 310, and 350hp race tunes along with some other fixes to the tunes. Because of this update, ALL NEW TUNERS will be Level 1 and include the 300hp, 310hp, and 350hp tunes. There will no longer be a Level 3 license. The 350hp tune is NOT recommended on a stock transmission.

  • Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • Engine Coolant Temperature
  • Engine Oil Temperature
  • Boost
  • Transmission Temperature
  • Fuel Rail Pressure
  • Fuel Rail Temperature
  • Injection Timing
  • Fuel Delivery Volume
  • Regeneration Status
  • Diesel Particulate Filter Pressure
  • Intake Air Temperature
  • Charge Air Temperature
  • and hundreds (literally) of other parameters.

    New Phalanx Flash Console Ability Added!

    The Phalanx Flash Console can now be used to program multiple vehicles. Additional flash tuning licenses can be purchased for each additional vehicle at a heavily discounted cost versus purchasing individual units when programming vehicles in quantity.

    Additional licenses can also be purchased for existing Phalanx Flash Console units.

    Spartan Diesel Tech have finished development on all-new enhanced tuning (all HP levels) for their upgraded Transmission Control Module (TCM). The latest enhancements make a HUGE improvement in shifting and drivability for all Job build trucks, with stock or Suncoast transmissions, in all HP levels. Torque capacity, shift quality, transmission durability, and overall resistance to abuse are greatly improved with our latest calibrations utilizing the TCM's upgraded hardware to the fullest.

    Off Road Tunes

  • 40HP
  • 75HP
  • 120HP
  • 150HP
  • 175HP
  • 210HP
  • 250HP
  • 275HP
  • 300HP
  • 310HP
  • 350HP
  • Stock DPF Delete

    On Road Tunes

  • 40HP
  • 75HP
  • 120HP
  • 150HP

    FloPro 837NB/SS837NB DPF/CAT Delete Pipe:

    FloPro 832NB/SS832NB & 632NB/SS632NB 4" & 5" Down Pipe Back with Muffler:

    FloPro 733NB/SS733NB 4" Down Pipe Back Duals No Muffler :

    dfuser EGR Cooler Stainless Steel Block Plates (DF1002030):

    dfuser EGR Cooler Delete Kit (DF1001042):

    dfuser EGR/Cooler Delete Kit with High Flow Polished Elbow (DF1001069):

    Intake - AFE10-10107 or S&B 75-5054 & 75-5054D

    Flo Pro High Flow Intercooler Pipe (FLOPROIC300)

    Spartan Phalanx Flat Mount:

    Turbo Upgrade - BD Power Twin Turbo Upgrade -- PRICE INCLUDES REFUNDABLE CORE CHARGE. (BDP1047080 & BDP1047081):

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    Installation Instructions:

  • FLO~PRO Exhaust System Installation Instructions

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